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Works: I Cross My Finger’s When I Pray, Altar’s Edge, Offerings = Answers, Fatal Attraction

We approach and we wonder, knowing that our orderly procession of life is continually threatened. Always looking for connections that may predict or prevent malevolent forces. We gather at altar’s edge searching for shared expressions. We kneel, praying with our fingers crossed, trying to decipher where we belong and whom to trust. What we once thought was clear, has now become tangled in doubt. We curse under our breath as we realize our gifts have fallen from our pocket. We are then dismissed; without offerings there will be no answers. As darkness falls, we are drawn to the light, our judgement impeded by its glare. Unsure if we should resist or accept the inevitable. We all take detours on our journey, but these paths only give us false hope. The story of the moth and the flame is one of fatal attraction.

Rational Objects for Irrational Thoughts is an assemblage of gallery oriented furniture and lighting acting as an introduction to superstitious thought. Superstition arises from humans’ natural inclination to seek connections between rational and irrational notions. Each of these works have their own idiosyncrasies that widen and challenge accepted material and process parameters rendering uncanny emotions linked to superstition and like minded belief systems. It is with someone’s conscious intention in the way they use these objects that assign them power and importance. Thus, one has to be careful; what at first seems like a harmless belief can easily slide into an all encompassing ritualized behavior.

If you would like to view the book that highlights the exhibition and each of the works please follow this link: Book Link